We are two partners and best buddies, traveling around the U.S. on contract work so we can travel around the world on adventures!

Here is more info on what contracting is and how we are making it in to a lifestyle.



Her: Runner of marathons. Lover of travel. Devoted cat mom. Works in hotel sales. San Diego native, but considers Oregon to be home. Does her best to climb the occasional rock. Loves anything health and fitness related. Probably lost in a thrift shop somewhere. Cries when she sees dogs.

Him: Owner/curator of the most beautiful beard in the world. Aerospace Engineer. Badass runner. Rock climber. Portland, Oregon native. Household food seasoning master. Usually found looking at motorcycles online. Constantly tinkering in the garage.

Us: Been loving each other for almost 2 years. Curled up watching documentaries in bed. Constantly looking for our next snack. Wandering around in vintage shops looking for treasures. 50% coffee, 50% beer. Always searching for our next adventure.


And the real stars of the show…

Finn & Harley

Rarely cuddling each other. Always cuddling us. Usually fighting each other. Often playing fetch. Definitely sleeping on top of our throats.