Don’t Pack These Things

Most people have a tendency to pack half a suitcase of items they don’t need when they travel. When you really buckle down and streamline your packing, you will be surprised at how little you do actually need! While there are certainly packing essentials, there are a number of things that many people pack that end up taking up room and never being used.

This list is created based on a heavy walking, sightseeing vacation. Of course your packing list will vary between a backpacking trip and a cruise, but this is a general rule of thumb list for a vacation that is heavy on exploring and light on luxury.

These are a few of the items I would suggest leaving at home when you travel.



C’mon ladies (and gents). Do you really want to be hobbling around cobbled European streets in heels? I slipped and tripped and nursed my angry feet just in boots, heels would have been out of the question. Do yourself and your feet a favor and leave the heels at home.

If you anticipate going out to a nice meal on your trip, pack a pair of boots or flats and I promise you will thank your lucky stars that your feet aren’t in agony when you are walking around with your post-meal gelato.



Obviously there are work related situations where laptops are a non-negotiable. However, if you are able, opt for the laptop’s smaller and more durable cousins, the tablet or smartphone, for a streamlined packing experience. I have definitely brought a laptop with me in the past thinking I would work on the plane, but it seems like it never actually works out that way. I now bring just my phone, which is more than sufficient for looking things and places up and taking care of any basic technology needs.



In what seems like a different life, I once showed up to a winter Mt. Hood cabin bachelorette party in heels and a silk camisole. It’s a bachelorette party… right? Well, it turns out that it was actually freezing and that I spent the majority of the trip wrapped in a blanket, trying to stay warm. Ever since then, I have been much more aware of packing weather appropriate clothing. As cute as that skirt is, chances are you won’t actually wear it on a winter trip. Pack realistically. It will save you space while packing and leave room for the things you actually need.



Bringing fine jewelry on the road is more of a liability than anything else. Not only would it make me incredibly nervous carrying valuable jewelry in a place where I am going to be lost half the time, but it really isn’t necessary to your enjoyment of the trip. Opt for fake jewelry or no jewelry at all to streamline your mental and physical health.



I know, I know, I know. This is a controversial one. I used to pack a half dozen books for a week long trip and maybe end up reading one of them. Instead, I now download books on to whatever device I bring along. This is a huge space saver. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t bring any books at all, as they can be a fabulous travel tool. Just be aware of ways you can streamline your books so they don’t take up half your bag.


Happy Travels!


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