Travel Guide: Munich, Germany

Munich is beautiful, largely mellow, and shockingly normal. Munich was our last stop on our trip and, even though we were there specifically for Oktoberfest, we made some time to actually see the city. The thing that stuck out to us the most about Munich is how much like home it felt. There wasn’t much in Munich that felt really foreign (not that that is a bad thing!) and we definitely felt like we could have been in a city in the U.S. or somewhere else in Europe.

Our day spent exploring Munich was actually the day after we went to Oktoberfest, but since Oktoberfest is sort of the main attraction, let’s mix up the order a bit.

Adam and I started our day in Munich by walking from our AirBnb in to town. Our AirBnb was actually in a wonderful location right on the transit lines and was clean and incredibly accommodating.

One challenge of traveling in a larger group is balancing different travel styles. While Adam and I love to walk everywhere when we travel, the rest of our party wasn’t as excited for walking. Even though it was a bit of a hike in to town, we were so happy to stretch our legs and get a nice walk in.


We walked through the center of Munich, admiring the beautiful Marianplatz.



After grabbing a bite to eat, we continued through town toward the Olympic Stadium and BMW Museum. I was really hoping the Olympic Stadium would have some sort of tour or information relating to the 1972 Munich Massacre, but I couldn’t find anything indicating that they did, so we decided not to tour the stadium.

Our first stop was the BMW Museum. Adam was so excited to see the motorcycles and this was something that had been high on his list for this trip. Well, there weren’t many motorcycles, but we did get to see some awesome old cars as well as concept cars. I’m not a huge car person, but it was pretty cool to see unique cars.

IMG_1092IMG_9503IMG_6185IMG_5001IMG_3926 2

The museum was really beautiful and informative. We were pretty dead tired at this point, so we didn’t go as in depth at the museum as we could have, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

After the BMW Museum, we went across the street to check out the Olympiaturm, i.e. that giant Space Needle/CN Tower looking building near the Olympic Stadium. We are suckers for a good view, so we decided to head to the top to see Munich from above. Heights are a challenge for me, but I like to face that challenge head on whenever I can…

✓ Space Needle, Seattle

✓ CN Tower, Toronto

✓ Empire State Building, NYC

✓ Scott Monument, Edinburgh

Despite the fact that I felt like my legs were made of jello at the top and kept telling Adam that we weren’t safe and needed to get down, the view was worth the fear.


We ended our day in Munich by finding out that our flight home was cancelled the next day and spent several hours on the phone with Eurowings getting our flight rescheduled.

But lucky for you, because I decided to get a little out of order, there is still one more Europe post for this trip. Coming up next…



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