Travel Guide: Florence, Italy

Oh, Florence. How do I even begin to describe beautiful, perfect Florence.

Let’s go back to our first evening in Florence…

We arrived in Florence in the early evening and trekked over to our AirBnb. We stayed in an awesome location close to the university area, which was surrounded by amazing restaurants, bars, and within walking distance of all the sights of Florence. I’ll just get one thing out of the way that we didn’t love about Florence, and that was the noise. It is probably just due to the location of our AirBnb and the fact that there was a lot of construction going on around us, but we had a lot of trouble sleeping in Florence. I did communicate this to our AirBnb host and he was receptive. That aside, our AirBnb was huge and perfectly nice. For the location alone, it isn’t a bad option in Florence.


On our first evening in Florence, we wandered in to a bar called Plaz, where we watch the Florence soccer match. We ended up making friends with the servers and they recommended going to an industry bar called Viktoria. We had so much fun at Plaz and Viktoria that we ended up going back the next evening as well! There was also an incredible by the slice pizza place right across the street from Viktoria where we got out of this world late night pizza both evenings.


We woke up on our first day in Florence ready to see the sights. I have always dreamed of seeing the Duomo and insisted that it be our first stop! Well, we foolishly didn’t look to see if we needed tickets and it was sold out by the time we arrived. I was a bit bummed out, but everyone cheered me up with our special rendition of “Duomo arigato, Mr. Roboto.”



The Duomo is absolutely stunning. Though I can’t vouch for the inside, if it is anything like the outside then I highly recommend getting tickets ahead of time.

After the Duomo, we wandered through the beautiful streets of Florence and happened to stumble across the Ponte Vecchio, which was on our list!


The Ponte Vecchio is a scenic bridge with stores on it. The stores are largely selling fine jewelry, and we had fun window shopping.

Next, we wandered up to the Piazza de Michelangelo, which offered stunning views of Florence and a replica of the Statue of David, if long lines for entry aren’t your style.


After soaking in the incredible views, we were ready for food and lots of it! Knowing we were leaving Italy the next day, we decided it was time to eat as many meat and cheese trays as possible. Obviously.

This one was our favorite; plus the company wasn’t too shabby!


We also stumbled in to Pino’s Sandwiches, which apparently has some of the best sandwiches in Florence (plus a line out the door)! We opted for another meat and cheese tray, which was amazing.


We rounded out our full day in Florence by returning to Plaz and Viktoria and trying to bridge the language gap with a lovely woman from Mexico who came out with us.

We absolutely loved Florence and were so sad to leave the next day. I think we all agreed that Florence was one of the highlights of the trip. The city is beautiful, accessible, and welcoming, and we will absolutely be back someday.

The next day, we embarked on an incredibly long train ride to our next destination… Germany!



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