Travel Guide: Pisa, Italy

Pisa is, quite frankly, a huge tourist trap. We were fully planning to skip Pisa, despite it being directly on the way from Cinque Terre to Florence, but once we realized that this was the perfect opportunity to take ridiculous pictures and high five people pretending to hold up the leaning tower, we couldn’t resist stopping.


To get to the actual leaning tower from the train, you have to walk through what is essentially a gift shop of Pisa souvenirs. As you wander through the area around Pisa, you will see kitschy souvenirs everywhere you look.

The leaning tower area is full of tourists (ourselves included), taking the classic picture holding up the tower. We took this opportunity to high five as many people as we could.


We had lunch in Pisa, which was unfortunately the least authentic and least delicious pizza we ate on the whole trip. We all left feeling a little worse for the wear.

Pisa is just all around a bit ridiculous and we appreciated it at every turn.


We had lots of fun goofing around in Pisa, but we are happy we didn’t make it any more than a pit stop. We left Pisa en route to our next stop….



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