Things I Have Learned From Traveling

Today we are off to Europe! Posting may be a bit fewer and further in between, but rest assured that we will have some amazing new travel photos and tips when we get home!

Bon voyage!


  • Just say “yes”
    • Travel presents a million opportunities to say “no.” You can say no to the unfamiliar or the scary, but the real value in life is gained when you say “yes” to something that does scare you. Throwing down your guard and just allowing yourself to have experiences is the best way have fun and learn about yourself and the world around you.
  • Sometimes it is worth pushing through the exhaustion
    • Our last night in Amsterdam, I was so exhausted that I wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed and pass out for our early flight. But knowing it was our last night, I pushed through the exhaustion and we ended up walking around the Red Light District at night, a unique experience that I will likely never get again in my life. Looking back, I remember seeing and experiencing new things and being so happy I have those memories to look back on, but I don’t remember how tired I was.
  • Sometimes it isn’t
    • Sometimes it is okay to take care of your physical and mental health first. After days of walking and exploring, it is okay to give in to your exhaustion and give yourself a day to recuperate. Don’t forget to listen to your body and be willing to slow down in the now so you can push harder later.
  • We aren’t all that different
    • You can travel halfway around the world, and you will always find more similarities with the people you meet than differences. We are all just people, trying to do our best at our jobs, take care of those we love, and enjoy life. Whether you are in California, Paris, Ghana, Japan, or Peru, we are all just people. Don’t be afraid to meet new people who appear different from you. Even though your language might be different, you are both more alike than you would ever know.
  • Be flexible and roll with the unexpected
    • Life doesn’t always go accordingly to plan or schedule. Roll with the change and learn to enjoy it rather than mourn the loss of the expected. The fun is hidden in the surprises.
  • The best treasures are hidden
    • I’m not saying you should go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower, but I am saying that you should turn off your GPS and wipe your itinerary clean for the day and just explore. Wander down little side streets and down paths that look less traveled. Don’t be afraid of getting lost or wandering in to a good or bad area. Just allow experiences to find you.
  • Preconceived notions are the killers of adventure
    • It’s okay to let go of your expectations in the name of adventure. It’s okay not to plan anything beyond a flight or an AirBnb and just let yourself find adventure and let adventure find you.

Happy travels!


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