Long Flight Tips & Tricks

Oh, flying. If you are richer than me, maybe you love flying, but for most of us it is a means to an end. Rumor has it that the best way to manage a long haul flight is to fly first class, but since I’m all about that cheap flight life, I can’t substantiate that rumor.

Flying may not be the most fun part of travel, but there are definitely ways to make it far more bearable. Here are a few of my top tips to fly like you’re in first class on a coach budget.



Unless you want 10+ hours of boredom, take advantage of the onboard entertainment on your plane. That being said, don’t wait around for the crummy headphones the airline gives you. Not only do they have incredibly poor sound quality that makes it near impossible to hear your movie, but they get really painful in your ears after so many hours. Grab a cheap pair of earbuds before you leave for an endlessly more enjoyable experience.

*Make sure that your earbuds are NOT Bluetooth and have an actual cord! Otherwise you won’t be able to use them with in flight entertainment.*



I’m never one to turn down free plane food, but go in to it knowing what you are getting. Often, the heavy inflight food can wreck havoc on digestion, making a long flight feel even longer. It’s totally okay to bring your own snacks, meals, or even opt to refrain from eating on your flight. And yes, you can bring food through airport security. So feel free to make a grocery stop on the way to the airport and get exactly what you want for your long flight!



Did you know that many international flights offer free alcoholic beverages? I didn’t know this until recently and let me tell you, it is a game changer. Obviously don’t get drunk on your flight, less you want to feel like garbage when you get to your destination, but there is no problem with winding down with an inflight beer or two.



If you are traveling on business, I’ll give you a pass on this one. However, for us leisure travelers, please, please, please save yourself the discomfort of dressing up for your flight. I promise no one cares that you are wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt and it will make your time in the air a thousand times more comfortable. Remember, in this case the runway is for the plane, not for fashion.



The flight is going to be long. You are going to be tired. You won’t feel 100%. Just roll with it. Don’t stress about the flight, just enjoy it as being a part of your trip. You might sleep, you might not. You might feel like a million bucks, you might feel crummy. That’s just the way flying goes. Sometimes you can make some of the best memories on the plane with new or old friends. Just lean it to the experience and have fun!


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