Travel Essentials: Carry On Backpack

When I look back on myself 5 years ago, I can’t help but wonder what I was thinking when I traveled! I have always been a carry on loyalist. Checking a bag is a stressful experience for me and I like knowing that I can get off a plane quickly and with all my things in tow. There is no waiting at baggage claim, no worrying that your bag won’t make it to your destination, and a confident feeling that everything you need can stay with you at all times.

But the big question is why I spent so much of my life hauling around a rolling suitcase when I could have had everything I needed on my back the whole time! For our last trip to Europe, the packing stress level was very high. Since we had just moved to Bend and immediately had to pack up and leave again, we didn’t do the best job possible of packing only the essentials. We were also flying Delta and got one free checked bag, so I decided to take my Osprey Aura 50 AG.


The Aura is an amazing pack! I use this pack for backpacking as well as traveling and it is so good at everything it does. I will definitely do a full review later, (since I have had a fast and furious love affair with this pack and want to share the love with everyone!) but the only big problem with it is that it is not carry on sized.

For our upcoming trip, we have an insane flying schedule that involves a lot of hopping between airlines and airports as well as many budget airlines that cost as much to check a bag as they do for the actual plane ticket. I did a ton of research on the best carry on backpacks before I ordered the Osprey Farpoint 40.


Though this will be my first trip with this pack, I have done my best to fully learn the ins and outs of it before take off, and it is truly a super pack! As with the Aura, I will definitely do a full review once I have put the Farpoint through a trip, but thus far it is the perfect pack for all my carry on needs.

Having a comfortable and reliable backpack is one of the most essential things you can do while traveling. You should be able to hike miles in your pack, run to catch a train, and get lost in a city without your back groaning in pain, all while being able to be organized and efficient with your packing.

Thus far, I have been an Osprey loyalist, and haven’t met a travel pack of theirs that I don’t love yet.

What if your favorite way to pack while traveling? Do you have a favorite backpack?

Happy travels!


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