Travel Essentials: Packing Cubes

Our last trip to Europe marked the first time we had ever used packing cubes and now I will never go back!

Since we were both carrying only backpacks, we split up one pack of cubes, which was plenty enough to organize our clothes, socks, underwear, etc.

We traveled with this set of cubes, bought affordably off Amazon.


Adam and I are both the people who unpack immediately when getting to a new place, regardless of how long our stay will be. Packing cubes completely expedited this process by making it so you don’t have to pull out each individual item of clothing, but instead just a handful of cubes that can be laid out on a table or sofa for easy access.

I had seen people traveling with packing cubes for about a year now, but we are so glad we finally took the plunge and got a set. Whether you are traveling out of a suitcase or a backpack, these will completely change the way you pack and organize your items.


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