Hiking Breckenridge, Colorado

I have an absolute love affair with little mountain towns. There is something about the coziness and charm of a little ski town that moves me almost to tears. I love curling up in a coffee shop or a cabin and watching life move by in the snow.

Well, Breckenridge, Colorado, is one of those towns. Previously I had only been to Breck during the Winter, but seeing it during the summer was equally, if not more, wonderful. It might help that I’m a hiker, not a skier, but Breck in the summer is an absolutely magical place.

We packed some lunch and headed out of Denver around 9am. The hour and 45 minute drive to Breckenridge is absolutely beautiful. After a quick pit stop in Idaho Springs at the world’s cutest and busiest Starbucks, we were fully Breck bound!IMG_2709

When we arrived in Breckenridge, we popped down the bed of the truck and ate lunch overlooking the town. After lunch we took a walk down the main drag, taking in the charm of the town. We popped in to Vertical Runner, which was billed as the “America’s Highest Running Store.” I love, love, love to check out running stores in new towns, and though Vertical Runner was small, it would be an amazing regular running store if we lived here!


We spotted some cool looking gondolas on our way in and decided to check see where they would take us. Luckily the gondolas were our favorite price (free!), so we hopped on to see where we would end up!

IMG_2733IMG_2734 2

The BreckConnect Goldola travels from town to the Breckenridge Resort with several stops along the way. We decided to take the gondola all the way up to the last stop, not really knowing exactly where that would be.

We hopped off on the final stop, which was Breckenridge Resort. The ski resort is turned in to an adventure park during the summer, with attractions like an alpine slide, zipline, maze, and ropes course. Much as we wanted to check out all the attractions, it was incredibly expensive, so we opted to pass this time.


We were told that, for a $20 fee, we could take the Super Chair up to the top, where there was a viewpoint and a bar. Much as we wanted to go, we weren’t down for a $40 bill to go two miles up a hill. We decided to hike up the mountain because anything to save a buck, right?

It was a killer hill, but we powered up and made it to the top!


Seriously. It was rough. But the beer and view at the top were totally worth it!


If you are able, save your $20/each and trek up to the top! You will get lots of weird looks from the people on the chairlift!

Right as we were heading back down, it started to rain and the wind picked up, making the temperature drop significantly. We decided to see if we could ride the chairlift down. The chairlift operator didn’t ask for our ticket (they probably assumed anyone who made it to the top did it by chairlift and had their ticket checked at the bottom), so we hopped on and took a beautiful and chilly ride to the bottom!


Once we got to the bottom and back in to town, we grabbed some snacks for the road (hello, veggie chips!) and hit the road back to Denver!

It was incredible getting out of the city for the day. Though we love Denver, staying in the city can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you just need a break!

We absolutely loved Breckenridge and hope we will be able to come back and see the town under a blanket of snow this winter. We are excited to check out the other ski towns of Colorado, but Breckenridge will always be a favorite.


4 thoughts on “Hiking Breckenridge, Colorado

  1. So I think you are a runner right? You can run from Breck to Frisco (10 miles ish) on the Peaks Trail. Once you get to Frisco, you can take the FREE bus back to Breck to pick up your car! Assuming you don’t have a ride in Frisco. It’s a great trail and it’s essentially downhill so its not a total ball breaker. So glad to see you all enjoying Colorado!

    Also if you all ski and are interested in a Copper 4 pass, they are on sale at REI through today (Labor Day). Great deal! My BF picked his up this morning for $189 for 5 days of skiing Copper – no blackout dates.

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