Travel Guide: Vienna, Austria

Vienna is, quite simply, a fairytale city. The beauty of Vienna is unlike anywhere else I have ever experienced in my life. The lifeblood of Vienna is its arts and culture and you can tell what a valuable part of the city it really is the moment you step outside your door. Home to famous musicians, scholars, and artists such as Mozart, Beethoven, Klimt, and Freud, Vienna takes every possible opportunity to share it’s cultured history with locals and tourists alike.

I’ll just preface this whole thing by saying that not a single picture I took of Vienna does the beauty of the city even an ounce of justice.

Because I was working at a Marriott/Starwood hotel at the time of our trip, we decided to stay at the Hotel Bristol, A Luxury Collection Hotel. Before you get the idea that we are too fancy, my employee deal made this a cheaper option than any AirBnb in Vienna.

The Hotel Bristol was stunning. Since 1892, the Hotel Bristol has been one of the gems of Vienna. Our room was a beautiful, vintage paradise. Though the Hotel Bristol may not be in budget for everyone (and honestly wouldn’t have been for us had we not had an employee discount), the location, customer service, and glamour made it well worth the stay if you are able.


After checking in to our hotel, we immediately set out to explore Vienna. Since our hotel was situated right next to the Vienna State Opera and the Museumsquartier, we didn’t have to go far at all to start seeing what makes Vienna so special.

IMG_0484 2IMG_7403IMG_2781 2IMG_3675 2

The only thing in Vienna that didn’t blow us away was the food. We didn’t really have any stand out meals in Vienna. Though we had some places on our list, most of them allowed smoking inside which kind of killed it for us. But all was well. Vienna ended up being one of the places with the most to see, so we were okay with taking a hit on the food for a few days. Plus, we got this gem of a picture of Adam and a giant bottle of ketchup, so it’s all good.

IMG_0814 2

One of the highlights of Vienna was St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Since it was so close to our hotel, we got to enjoy it both during the day and at night and it was absolutely beautiful any time of day. This was one thing we did pay to see. I’m a sucker for old churches and I am always happy to pay the few dollars to see the inside.

IMG_7405IMG_1118 2IMG_1042 2IMG_0656 2IMG_0524 2

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is absolutely a must see on your visit to Vienna!

Our absolute favorite part of Vienna was the Opera House. I am a ballet lover, so one of my first regrets upon getting to Vienna was not buying tickets to a ballet. However, because Vienna is just so rad, they play all the opera house shows on a large screen outside the theater! My fondest memory of Vienna was sitting outside under the lights of the city, watching a ballet. There was truly nothing that could ever compare!

If you do one thing in Vienna, set up camp outside the opera house and enjoy a ballet, opera, or symphony!

The majority of our time in Vienna was spent exploring the sights and cafes of Vienna. A huge piece of the magic was just being there.

IMG_7451IMG_7215 2IMG_6542 2IMG_4083 2IMG_0605IMG_0603

The Vollpension cafe (above) was such a magical little find! The barista gave us a hug because “you are from America!” and gave us the following sound advice about Budapest: “Oh yeah… that place is cool, but it’s fucked.” Shoutout to our favorite barista! 


Vienna was one of my favorite cities I have ever visited and one I would absolutely return to given the opportunity.

After a perfect few days in Vienna, we were off again to our next destination..

IMG_6903 2



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