Travel Guide: Prague, Czech Republic

In September of 2017, Adam and I decided to book a trip. Originally we wanted to go to Ireland, somewhere we have both been before and one of our favorite places in the world. After a few beers one evening, we spontaneously decided not to go back to Ireland and, on a whim, decided to go to Prague.

Insert obligatory PDX carpet picture…

IMG_1255 2

When we travel, we aren’t really museum/pay for entry kind of people. We love to walk and see places on foot, so the majority of our trip was about exploring different areas, seeing killer views, and eating amazing food.

We arrived in Prague in the early evening and, in a state of extreme jet lag, didn’t put even half as much effort as we should have in to figuring out the public transit and instead took a cab to our Airbnb. We stayed in a super cute, lofted studio apartment close to city center. It was the perfect base of operations for our time in Prague.


We got so lucky in that the only rain of our entire trip was on the first evening in Prague, but we pressed forward and wandered around Old Town before ducking out of the rain for dinner.



We found a traditional Czech restaurant called Vkolkovne which was insanely delicious! We ordered the Traditional Bohemian Platter and the Sausages in Beer, which ended up being way too much food that we finished anyway. When it comes to food, we don’t mess around!


The sausages were our favorite and ended up being the main food theme of the whole trip. This was also our first go at the Czech Pilsner. Pilsner beer originated in the town of Pilsen, Czech Republic and it is the drink that the country is best known for.

We woke up the next morning feeling slightly human again and set off to explore! Our first stop was the Charles Bridge (Karluv Most), which was a way more popular tourist attraction than the idyllic sunrise pictures you see on Instagram let on. Luckily we arrived early and were able to beat the tour buses, but by the time we came back over in the afternoon it was almost too packed to move.IMG_7345IMG_7341

We would definitely recommend getting to the Charles Bridge as early as possible in the morning to beat the crowds. If you can get there for sunrise, you get the added bonus of a killer view.

We spent the afternoon wandering the beautiful, winding, cobbled streets of Prague. Aside from the crowds, the Male Strana area is the most quintessentially “Prague.” It has all the beautiful, storybook elements that you would expect from such an old, historic city.


We also enjoyed Pils with a view both at the Strahov Monastery and the Bellavista Restaurant. We can’t speak to the food at Bellavista, but the view was absolutely worth the stop.


We also saw the stunning Prague Castle, but didn’t go inside. Plus, someone realized he forgot sunglasses and stole mine.


We wandered back through the Charles Bridge chaos and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Prague, looking at the beautiful architecture. We also visited the Old New Synagogue (Altneuschul), which is the oldest active synagogue in Europe!



We ended up going to bar called Gastropub 20PIP, which billed itself as a craft beer bar. The craft beer scene is still pretty new to the Czech Republic, so we spotted both Oregon and California beers on tap! When we told the waiter we were from Oregon, he said, in half Czech/half English, “Oregon! You smoke the weed there!” I guess our reputation precedes us!

We wandered a little further down the street to a bar that I am, unfortunately, forgetting the name of, where the bartenders invited us to hang out after closing and we all traded broken English and broken Czech over beers.


Prague was an absolutely lovely way to start our trip. Despite the jet lag, we experienced the city to its fullest and had an amazing time. Even though Prague was intended to be the main attraction of our trip, it was actually our least favorite of the four cities we visited. The city itself was beautiful and the people were so kind, but the swarms of tour buses kind of killed the fairytale vibe. That aside, it was a dynamic city that blended east and west and managed to be both familiar and culturally unique.

Next up…





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