Red Rocks & Golden, CO

For our final day of touristing before Adam started work, we decided to visit Red Rocks.


I briefly visited Red Rocks many years ago, but I didn’t really remember much about it. We were already desperate to see a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, but spending the afternoon hiking around really sealed the deal!

Red Rocks Amphitheater is about 20 minutes outside Denver and about 40 minutes from our apartment. The seating in the natural amphitheater was carved by hand in the early 1900’s by a group of local men from Denver.

Originally the amphitheater features performances by opera singers and theater performers and they even brought in some of the most famous opera singers of the time to test the acoustics. The natural acoustics of the theater are said to be some of the best of any music venue and it has become something of a right of passage to play Red Rocks.


We are still adjusting to the elevation (i.e. there is 0% oxygen here), so a little three mile hike after exploring the ampitheater left us huffing and puffing! Despite running 20+ miles almost every weekend in Bend, we are still struggling to catch our breath here. It took about a month to adjust to Bend’s 3,500 feet, so we are just pushing through for now!

IMG_2605 3.03.04 PM

After our no oxygen hike, we took a quick 15 minute drive to Golden, CO. Golden is the home of Coors beer and offers factory tours to see how it is made. Unfortunately the line to get in to the factory was over an hour (on a Monday! Sheesh!), so we declined and instead walked around downtown Golden.


Golden is such a cute, idyllic town. The main street, Washington Street, features tons of cute little shops and restaurants. Despite everything looking amazing, we are trying to save money/get healthy and not eat out this month, so we just kept on walking.

We wandered in to the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum, which was super cute. The museum showcased some of the big climbing and mountaineering accomplishments throughout history, but was a bit dated and didn’t touch on any of the amazing athletes of today. It was still a neat little museum to check out, regardless! The museum was small and you would probably need less than an hour to see it in its entirety.

After the museum we wandered back down the main street and got some ice cream at Goozell Yogurt & Coffee (ice cream and coffee are our exception to our eating out rule… ‘cuz we gotta live!) before heading home.


You can see the Coors factory waaayy down there!

We had such a fun day exploring the outskirts of Denver and can’t wait to get out again this weekend!


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