Hello, Denver!

After six days of settling in to the Mile High City, it’s easy to forget that this is the third city we have called home in four months. While constant packing, unpacking, apartment hunting, and driving two pissed off cats across the country may be some peoples’ nightmare, we are loving every second of it.

Our journey to Denver and beyond began about a year and a half ago, but really started to take shape in March of this year. Adam and I were living in Portland, Oregon, a city I had called home for three years and Adam for his whole life. While Portland is a pretty amazing city and is full of our family and friends, we were both burned out of our high-pressure jobs and downtown living and decided it was time for a change. We decided to follow an opportunity to live and work in Bend, Oregon, a city that we all but called a second home already.

Bend was absolutely incredible. We made amazing new friends, ran the trails in the mountains, drank all the local beer we possibly could, and just generally loved being there. The one missing piece was our work. Adam and I both stepped away from our fields for the opportunity to move to Bend and we missed our work more than we expected. Though we saw potential for life longterm in Bend, there were no jobs or opportunities to advance within our fields.

We had all but resigned ourselves to moving back to Portland when Adam got a call offering him a contract job in Denver. Taking it was a no brainer, and two weeks later, here we are!

So what’s the deal with contracting? In Adam’s field (Aerospace Engineering), he has the opportunity to move around the country working jobs for anywhere between three months to a year. Essentially, he helps companies who are shorthanded and often need to hit deadlines or complete a project. Typically, once he receives a job offer, we have somewhere around two weeks to make it to our new home. This is our first contract, so I can’t pretend to be an expert in how things will go, but as far as we understand we will be moving around the country from contract to contract, which is, in short, the dream!

We are so thrilled not only to try living in different places, but to share it with you! Welcome… we can’t wait to have you along!



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